Sustainability Series

About the Sustainability Series

Organised by NTU EcoCampus Initiative and supported by the Sustainable Earth Office, the Sustainability Series aims to be a platform for attendees to gain invaluable insights in current sustainability practices from the corporates, NGOs and public sector. During each session, the invited speaker will share about sustainability practices of the organisation, and his/her experience as a sustainability practitioner.



Past events:

11th April 2018 - The Story Behind Our Plates, a food waste symposium 

31st Oct 2016 - 3M Sustainability Strategy and Goals

09th March 2016 - Tetra Pak - What does sustainability mean to us - A perspective from Tetra Pak

26th Jan 2016 - Siloso Beach Resort - How can the sustainability walk be sustainable in the corporate​ world




Past events:

26th Oct 2016 - 350 Climate Change Movement in Singapore

19th Oct 2016 - What is Climate Action 

12th Oct 2016 - Environmental Events and Activities in Singapore

05th Oct 2016 - Stop Haze

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