EcoCampus Structure

​The EcoCampus program is directed by Mr. Yann Grynberg, and is overseen by a Steering Committee and a Technical Committee.

The function of the Steering Committee is to provide strategic oversight of the EcoCampus Initiative program. The Steering Committee will provide guidance to establish the organizational concepts and framework consistent with the overall vision and mission of the program as well as providing insight on long-term strategies to meet the program goals and objectives. Thetechnical review committee supports the steering team with the technological and policy related insights.


Steering Committee Members:


Prof Lam Khin Yong
Vice President (Research)


Professor Alexander J.B. Zehnder
(Chair SEO, NTU Board of Trustees)​


Lim Kok Kiang
(​Assistant Managing Director, Cluster Group Engineering, EDB)​

Lam Siew Wah
(Deputy CEO, BCA)

Koh Kim Hock

Ananda Ram Bhaskar
(Director-General, Environmental Protection)


Bernard Nee​
(Asst CE, EMA)

Heah Soon Poh
Asst Chief Executive Officer (EOG), JTC


Technical Committee Members:


Subodh Mhaisalkar
(Executive Director ERI@N, NTU)


Paul Chain


Tan Tian Chon
(Group Director, Research, BCA)


Koh Chwee
(Director EPD, JTC)

Dr Ngin Hoon Tong
(Programme Director, Experimental Power Grid Centre, Energy Research Institute @ NTU)


Gian Yi-Hsen
Executive Director
Cities, Infrastructure & Industrial Solutions

ANG Kok Kiat
(Director, Energy Efficiency & 
Conservation, NEA)


EcoCampus Team:

Jin Zhanhe Ryan.JPG
Mr Yann Grynberg

Programme Director

Graduated from a French mechanical and electrical engineering school for building and civil works in Paris, Yann GRYNBERG is currently the Programme Director for Smart & Sustainable Building Technologies at the Energy Research Institute @ NTU (ERI@N). He has over 15 years of experience in industry and worked for the last 9 years in Japan and Singapore for projects related to sustainable construction at the French company Bouygues (top 3 in the world for construction). His aim, with the help of a RD&D team, is to test, demonstrate and deploy new innovative technologies and processes allowing new and existing buildings (schools, officers...) to reach the highest level of energy efficiency. 

Jin Zhanhe Ryan.JPG

Mr Ryan Jin

Programme Coordinator

​Communication, Engagement, Programme Information and Sustainable Urban Mobility

Mr Ryan Jin is the Programme Coordinator at Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore) for EcoCampus initiative. He works closely with public agencies, industry partners and internal stakeholders in the various projects deployment. Ryan works with students, faculty and staff to promote sustainability in campus. He is the Project Manager for the Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) deployment in campus.


Jin Zhanhe Ryan.JPG

Ms Priyanka Mehta

Project Manager

Computer Modelling and Simulation, GIS

Ms Priyanka is a Research Associate at EcoCampus, ERI@N. She has technical & managerial background in GIS and Computer Modeling & Simulation. Her key interests lie in urban sustainability. In her current position as a project manager at EcoCampus she is mainly responsible for:
• Working with industry collaborators experts in computer modelling
• Developing modelling plan and expected KPIs in sync with EcoCampus goal and industry partner’s modelling capabilities
• Developing research proposals and implementing projects in areas of virtual environment modelling and simulation


Jin Zhanhe Ryan.JPG

Mr Keane Tan

Senior Project Manager

Industry Collaborations, Projects Deployment and Commercialisation

Mr. Keane Tan is a certified Green Mark Manager with a broad understanding and experience in high-energy consumption equipment. His role is to support industry collaborations, deployment and commercialisation of new technologies that have been successfully test-bedded in NTU.

Prior to joining NTU in 2017, Keane was an Energy Information System Consultant focus in energy management and building analytics system, working closely with corporate clients in achieving their sustainability goals.


Jin Zhanhe Ryan.JPG

Ms Shreya Dutta

Research Associate

Energy Data Analytics and Dashboards, Thermal Comfort Analytics, Project Management for Sustainable Buildings Projects

Ms. Shreya’s research experience in ERI@N has been in the field of Energy Management Systems (EMS) for microgrids and building energy data management and analytics. She currently collaborates with partners from the Smart Buildings and Building Automation industries on projects related to advanced building energy data analytics and thermal comfort of building occupants. She is experienced in Matlab/Simulink and Python and has previously researched in collaboration with GE Grid on creating a real-time microgrid EMS simulation platform. 

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