Urban Infrastructure Optimization


In the present context of sustainable development, a variety of energy, economic and environmental benefits can be achieved by industrial ecology and urban planning, which can be pointed out as; energy efficiency, decrease the CO2 intensity and environmental impacts, reliability, waste heat recovery, fuel flexibility and cost saving. A conceptual method has been developed at Veolia Group for optimizing district energy systems.



The novelty of the work can be summarized as following:
1- Applying mathematical optimisation algorithm for optimizing the design and operation of the district area
2- Multi-objective optimisation,
3- Integration and optimisation of all subsystem including waste, water and energy layers, simultaneously 

Objectives and Methodology ​

The proposed method combines conversion technologies modelling, energy integration, economic evaluation and environmental impacts assessment in a multi-objective optimization framework. It has the aim of obtaining a set of optimal solutions, and can be split up into three principle steps: Structuring, Optimization & Processing.

Results Analysis 

The aim of this step is to analyse results once the optimization phase has been completed and reached the Pareto optimal frontier. The Pareto frontier is the trade-off between thermodynamic, economic and environmental targets and can support decision-making for selecting the optimal system configuration. Each solution included in the Pareto frontier is optimal with regard to the chosen objectives. Therefore, it is not obvious which specific solution has to be selected. The global sensitivity analysis and multi-criteria analysis (taking into account a list of criteria such as the total costs, the environmental impacts, the net present value, the rate of return, the available budget) are applied to support decision-making for selecting the most reliable solution.


Project Status 

The project has completed the first stage of methodology, data structuring. The energy conversion technologies and test bedded technologies will now be evaluated under the optimization method for further post processing.



Ms Patricia Alvina 



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