Sustainability Case Challenge: Chewing on Rationality

​Turning NTU into a ​Zero Food Waste Campus 



Chew on this: Only 1% of Singapore's tiny land area is allocated for agricultural activities and we have to import most of our food from overseas sources. Yet, we ended up wasting 13% of them in 2014, throwing away both food and $1.4 billion of our hard-earned money. That's pretty irrational.

Food waste is created every single day from our food cycle. From production, distribution, retail to consumption, not only is the physical food wasted, the resources which goes into producing them are also exhausted in vain.

​Closer to campus, a study done by Ecocampus in 2016 has revealed that food waste is a significant contributor of waste in NTU. What could be done to encourage food waste reduction on campus?


The ‘Sustainability Case Challenge: Chewing on Rationality' hopes to provide a platform for groups of NTU students like yourself to submit creative ideas and help transform NTU into a zero food waste campus.

Up to 3 winning teams may get seed funding to bring their ideas to fruition and implement them on campus!


There will be a series of activities organized to help you develop more robust and comprehensive proposals.

For more details on the challenge as well as the host of activities, please visit:

​The Case Challenge will start with the workshop “Ideas for a Zero Food Waste Campus” involving Tristram Stuart from National Geographic and representatives from NEA, EcoCampus Initiative (NTU) & Earthlink (NTU). You can register for the event here.


Visit the project website to know more:


Energy Research Institute @ NTU


Wee Kim Wee School for Communication and Information
Prof Sonny Rosenthal

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