Smart Community Solutions for Energy Management


The Smart Community Solution for Energy Management aims to understand the retail consumer’s understanding, response and benefit towards participation of smart grid program in Singapore. This study is critical due to several factors. First, the recent changes on qualification to participate in wholesale market, the current retail consumers could reap a benefits. Second, Singapore’s aim to increase renewable energy proportion in the grid. This will increasing the level of unpredictability on energy production.


Objectives & Methodology

The study aims to identify critical point of consumers’ energy-efficient behavior. Energy-efficient behavior being actively participating in the application recommendation of activities to saved energy in the premises.



​Singapore – Energy Statistic

​The commercial and residential consumers in Singapore makes up about 36.6% and 16.1% of the total electricity consumers in Singapore. Hence their participation create potential for a new business model.

​ ​


A User Experience-focused application, specifically for residential home owner and commercial building, to participate in the smart grid programs. The application is unique as it will be develop for optimum user experiences. The graph on the right indicates the factors taken into consideration for the application design.

A data analytics platform will be developed on the application to recommend suggestion depending on the users preferences for participations. The suggestions could be geared towards energy savings, cost savings, improving carbon footprint, community participation.



Dr Bai Xiao Yin​​



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