Power mix management – microgrid solution on NTU campus


To introduce controllable energy sources and energy storage into the NTU network for working in an optimal manner along with currently installed Photovoltaic (PV) panels to meet the demand in NTU S2.2 microgrid


The main objective of the Energy Management System (EMS) is to reduce the amount of power from the main grid in order to serve the loads by utilizing energy storage and other controllable devices

a) To store power generated by the PV, so that it can also be utilized during the night
b) To utilize other controllable sources when PV or energy storage cannot meet the demand  

Working principle of the energy management system​ ​
​Data management:
• Processing measurement data
• Checking the network topology
• Checking the accuracy of measurements
• Checking load flow constraints of optimization results

• Forecasting load and renewable energy
• Deciding power from controllable sources
• Calculating State-of-charge (SOC) constraints and real time SOC

Industrial partner and project progress​ ​
1. EMS code development in MATLAB Simulink completed
2. Digital Automation Platform (DAP) H/W, S/W and training provided by GE
• DAPserver, a multifunction substation controller
• DAPstudio, a software to interface between DAPserver and EMS developed

Innovation and Approach



Assoc Prof Duan Fei 




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