New Generation Thermal Insulation Film for Fenestration in the Tropics


In Singapore, a lot of attention is moving towards the reduction of thermal heat gain from envelopes, to reduce the cooling load and subsequently the energy consumption.
“PENJEREX™”, is a new energy-saving window film featuring the industry's highest-level thermal insulation along with solar heat rejection, which allows users to achieve energy savings year-round.

The project aims at Real-time performance evaluation of the film, based on different types of glass and space utilization in test sites in the NTU Campus.

Objectives and Methodology

A holistic performance testing will be carried out on the Penjerex film. The film will be tested for following performance indicators:

1.Solar and Thermal Insulation
2.Thermal Loss quantification
3.Condensation Performance
4.Energy Saving Potential

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Data Collection Period: 6 months (3 months without Film to establish baseline and 3 months with film)

Test Locations: Usable South/West Façade with WWR> 60% and a twin space for comparison free from shading at least 80% of the day from its urban surrounding.


The film’s excellent heat insulation and solar heat reduction features, offers one of the best solutions to reduce unfavorable heat flow through windows.

This is one of the key causes of energy loss, saving energy throughout the whole year.​ ​


Has the potential to reduce energy cost by up to 40%.  

Solar heat reduction
(Summer - Shielding & Insulation)
Rejects approximately 40% of solar heat
​UV Ray
Blocks 99% of harmful UV ray and prevents sun damage to interior furniture
Scratch resistance
The product is rub-proof and not easily damaged by wiping.
More than 70% of visible Light to maintain
indoor light levels
Condensation Evaluation
Suppress the growth of condensation


Project Status

The project is currently in the 3 months Data collection phase, to establish a baseline for our study.

Ms Priya Pawar



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