Liquid Immersion Cooling for Data Centres in the Tropics

Challenges and Objectives

• In Singapore, cooling for data centre currently represents about 50% of operating costs
• At NTU, data centres contribute an estimated 3.5% of its total electricity bill
• In Singapore, the average PUE is 2 for information and communication technology (ICT) equipment

Liquid Immersion Cooling (LIC) project aims:
- to set up a demonstrative LIC system: 2 tanks sized for 42U servers each with a total
power of 32 KW per tank. PUE <1.2
- to ensure the ICT equipment will have no major reliability issues and is acceptable to the operational needs of data centre owner
- to have significant energy savings and be economically viable

Working principle of LIC system

Primary loop
• Heat generated on chip
• Fluid turns into vapor
• Vapor rises to top
• Vapor condenses
• Fluid recirculates passively to reservoir   

Secondary loop
• In the condenser, water heated up by rising vapor
• Heated water circulated to the external HRU
• Cooled down water returns to the condenser

Project Progress

LIC System Demo Unit
• Fully functional computer board
• Novec 7100 boils @ 61 °C
• Finned Al plate as heat sink


Innovation and Benefits




Dr Tong Wei




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