High Energy Performance material for tropical building envelopes

MagorTherm is a light weight construction material that radically improves new and old building's energy efficiency.  

MagorTherm's properties are not limited to the best thermal and water insulations on the market.  It is fire resistant, non-flammable, and does not emit any toxic fumes.  Moreover, it has great sound insulation properties.  Finally, MagorTherm is inalterable.

MagorTherm adheres to any surface.  It is simple to apply, using standard construction methods.   


ERI@N has selected MagorTherm for the Eco-Campus project to create building's envelope of the future. For proof of concept, ERI@N has identified Blocks 26 & 27 at NTU Hall of Residence 4, as receiving maximum solar radiation. These blocks were therefore selected to carry out a study titled "MagorTherm High Energy Performance Building Envelope Test Bedding in Tropical Climate".

This study comprises of 2 independent studies that will assist NTU achieve its target: saving 35% of the total energy consumption on NTU campus. 

  1. Renovation

    Block 26 was not renovated (hence is the control building) while Block 27 received 50mm Insulation System MagorTherm 150 on its walls and 200mm Flooring System MagorTherm 300 on its roof.  MagorTherm 150 was directly sprayed on the walls, an operation that requires no bonding agent, no netting, no anchoring and no gluing.  MagorTherm 300 was simply poured on the roof, an operation that requires no vibration (an operation necessary when pouring concrete). MagorTherm being on average 85% lighter than conventional concrete, it added very little weight to the treated building.

  2. New Building Envelope System

    This study will compare 2 conventional construction methods to one using Building System MagorTherm 250.  MagorTherm 250 is a lightweight concrete that permits faster, better and cheaper constructions.  The MagorTherm 250 unit will provide, unlike the other 2, a rating close to active house building (a building that creates energy) and will be cheaper than units build by conventional method (notably because the MagorTherm 250 unit will be less than half the weight of the other 2, a feature that translates into faster construction). Additionally, the new building envelope made with MagorTherm 250 will not only provide the best energy efficiency available in the building industry, but also the highest environmentally friendliness in terms of reduction in CO2 and SO2 emissions


Demonstration sites:
Please visit our 2 sites, the first at Hall of Residence 4, the second at Canteen 2.


For more information on MagorTherm, please click here.

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