DC Renewable Connected Building Grid for Wireless Intelligent LED Lighting System


Develop and pilot innovative solution to reduce energy consumption, increase efficacy of building occupancy, improving maintenance and human comfort in workspace of smart buildings

• Reduce DC-AC-DC power loses
• Use high energy efficient lighting system
• Implement smart control system


• Energy efficiency by combined solution: 80%
• PV, DC grid, LED lighting and smart system
• Maintenance cost savings: 40%
• Smart lighting system for indoor
• Automation (occupancy), personalization (illuminance)
• DC powered smart LED lighting in an operational lab space
• DC power grid for buildings (DC-DC-DC)





• DC renewable connected building grid
• Reduce power conversion, DC-DC-DC instead of DC-AC-DC
• Propose power grid solution for building decreasing energy consumption up to 80%
• Set up a smart lighting environment for lab space
• Install a full DC LED solution
• Implement a solution focus on visual comfort and personalization (control panel & smartphone app)


• Unique mix of technologies
• LED smart lighting + LED power grid + Renewable solar energy
• 80% energy saving on lighting solution
• 54% energy saving from fluorescent to LED + smart control
• 26% energy saving by PV + DC Grid 



Mr Christopher DANIEL




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