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Infrastructure Provision, Messaging, and Social Influence to Motivate Recycling in Singapore

SKWSC.jpg Introduction

Although Singapore has one of the highest recycling rates in the world, a large portion of materials come from the non-domestic sector. In 2015 the national recycling rate was 61% whereby the domestic recycling rate was 19% and the non-domestic recycling rate was 77%. In accordance with Singapore’s Blueprint 2015 to increase recycling, this study aims to improve the domestic recycling rate by developing a novel recycling programme and promoting its adoption through targeted communication.


Promote a new approach to residential recycling.


Quantitative with qualitative elements.


The proposed research project has both theoretical and practical significance. From a theoretical perspective, this study can further elucidate social factors and individual differences that influence the attitudinal and behavioural outcomes of proenvironmental messages. From a practical perspective, this study hopes to demonstrate actual behavioural outcomes that result from the combination of infrastructure provision and targeted communications.

Next Steps

The project is planned to launch in January 2017, targetting NTU students living on campus.

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Energy Research Institute @ NTU
Ms Regula von Büren, Project Manager  
​Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information
Asst Prof Sonny Ben Rosenthal


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