Pioneer and Crescent Hall

Nanyang Crescent


Figure 1 Overview of Pioneer and Crescent Hall.

Pioneer and Crescent Hall comprises of eight tree-like blocks that nestle in the green oasis within the vibrant and lively NTU campus. This picturesque residential halls are integrated innovatively with the existing topography, the lush greeneries and tranquil lake, to create an experience of being in a rainforest.

Pioneer and Crescent Hall serves as a test bed in NTU for green technologies to be firstly incorporated into student accommodation. It showcases the University's plan of creating a new sustainability way of living and learning. The integrated eco-friendly design features and technologies led this charming residential hall to achieve the Green Mark Platinum status, the highest award for green buildings in Singapore in 2014.

Usage of Solar Energy

A total of 300 panels of solar cells are installed on the rooftops to power electrical equipment and water heaters to meet the residents' needs for energy and hot water.


Figure 2 Solar Panel on Rooftop


Charging Station

There are two charging stations in the carpark within the compound of this picturesque dwellings for electric hybrid vehicles.


Double-glazed Windows & Louvres



The double-glazed windows provide a better barrier against the heat outside from transferring into the building's interior especially during mid-day. In addition, the specially designed louvres help to shield the residential hall from direct sunlight. These eco-friendly design features, together with the layout of buildings and plants that promote natural ventilation, reduce the dweller's energy consumption for air-conditioning.




Bioswale and Rain Garden

These simple landscapes are planted with native vegetation to help slow down and filter rainwater, which can then be pumped back as clean water in the upstream pond and recycled to water the plants in the vicinity.


Text Box: Figure 4 Picturesque walkways that weave through the garden


Dual Refuse Chutes

The innovative residential halls are well-equipped with dual chutes to facilitate recycling activities. They consist of compost bins to convert waste into natural fertilizer for gardening purposes.


Figure 5 The layout of Pioneer and Crescent Hall

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