Nanyang Technological University

About EcoCampus


To be the greenest campus in the world.


To be a leading example of high impact energy efficiency and sustainability accentuating innovation and green growth.

Jointly hosted by Sustainable Earth Office at NTU and ERI@N, the goal of the EcoCampus initiative is to develop a novel campus-wide sustainability framework with demonstration sites to achieve 35% reduction in energy, water and waste intensity by 2020 (baseline 2011). The EcoCampus covers the grounds of Nanyang Technological University’s (NTU) 200 hectare campus in Singapore along with an adjoining 50 hectares of JTC Corporation’s CleanTech Park, which is Singapore’s first eco-business park, hosting companies and institutions in the Clean Environment Technology domain. The NTU campus has more than 100 existing buildings and will be a adding a few new developments, consistent with its longer term master plan. CleanTech Park started construction in 2010 (has one operational building since early 2012) and will have 25 buildings upon completion in 2030.

The three underlying thrusts for EcoCampus are:



The EcoCampus initiative will have three distinct phases:

Development Phase & Phase 1:

  • Energy saving measures with zero capital investment
  • Testing new technologies on the campus
  • Energy, waste, and water benchmarking

Phase 2:

  • Solutions and best practises applied on a larger scale throughout the campus

Phase 3:

  • Performance review
  • Analysis and sharing of best practises   


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