School of Art, Design and Media (ADM)

81 Nanyang Drive


Figure 1 The NTU ADM Building

NTU School of Art, Design and Media (ADM), nestled in the heart of NTU Yunnan Campus, is well known for its picturesque plaza and landscape. It is a four-storey building that comprises three blocks interweaving each other. The highlight of this art piece is its turfed roofs that blend with the ground contour which give both aesthetic and functional features. On top of its appealing impact, the rooftop also functions as a scenic outdoor communal space which is easily accessible via sidesteps along the roof edge.


Figure 2 The night view of ADM

Beyond its outstanding artistic design features, ADM is also widely recognized as an iconic building with significant commitment towards environmental sustainability. In 2011, ADM received the prestigious Green Mark Platinum Award from Building and Construction Authority (BCA), which is the highest award for green buildings in Singapore.

The major areas of sustainability achieve ment for the ADM building are in energy and water savings. The design of building saves almost 120,000 kWh per year, which is sufficient to power twenty-seven 4-rooms HDB flats a year. It also saves more than 1,170 cubic meters of water per annum, which is equivalent to the average water consumption of five 4-room HDB flats a year. This leads to lower operation and maintenance costs. 

The savings are due to the building's energy and water efficient features which include its high-efficient lights with motion and photo-cell sensors, retrofitted air-conditioning system as well as rainwater collection with rain sensors and irrigation system. The green roof and high performance glass as well as the use of carbon dioxide sensors in its air-handling units help to reduce energy used and maintain a healthy indoor air quality. The green roofs help keeping the ambient temperature low and reduce heat during daytime. In addition, the reflective pond in the central courtyard provides a cool visual respite for those gazing out of the classrooms, laboratories and offices that overlook it. 


Figure 3 The reflective pool within ADM compound

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