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To reach the goal of reducing energy consumption to 35% by 2020, the Green Lab Initiative @ NTU aims to promote and share practical sustainable laboratories approaches and technologies for relevant schools’ adoption. The NTU Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) Freezer Challenge 2017 will be promoted across through the NTU campus which would involve energy recording and quantifying actions like written record and photo snapshots. 

Why target Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) Freezers?
ULT Energy Consumption  
  - More than 141 ULT (-70 to -150oC) Freezers units in NTU Campus excluding the tenanted units.
  - 15 to 30 kWh/day (684kWh/month) which consumes more energy than 5 room & Executive.


Note 1: Use of 22.5kWh/daySource: Singapore energy statistics 2016 report

Who can participate?
NTU Principle Investigators (PIs), Professors, Lab managers, Lab officers, researchers and Post/Undergraduates assigned to the laboratories that uses ULT freezers can take part in this challenge. Each participant has to register at least 1 ULT freezer to participate in the challenge by filling out the ‘Application Form’. Laboratories based in NTU campus including NTU Novena campus can participate.

  - Increase freezer’s performance
  - Promote Energy Awareness
  - Cultivate “Good” practices and habits.
  - Brew an energy conservative mind-set and responsibility to the individuals.
  - Energy reduction through good freezer management

Scoring Criteria
The ‘Score Sheet’ will be provided to participants which would include the good practices, points and actions required during the challenge. While referring to the score sheet, participants are required to fill out the ‘Record Sheet’ as illustrated in Annex A.

  - Incentives award to the “Top 3” participants achieving the highest points/saving
  - Special Award* for Oldest Sample discarded & Most valuable thing recovered (Pending)
  - A Freezer Maintenance Starter Kit will be given out for all applicants.

Please submit your application with the subject “Registration for NTU ULT Freezer Challenge” to with the Registration form. Submission date is the date of electronic receipt of entry.
By submitting the Registration form, you agree to the rules and regulations, and give consent to NTU to contact you for the purpose of Green Lab Initiative @ NTU. 

Info Session and Workshop
NTU ULT Freezer Challenge Info Session and Workshop on 21 March 2018.
Please click here​ to register.


NTU-ULT2017 Application 
NTU-ULT2017 Record Sheet 
NTU-ULT2017 Record Sheet - Annex A 
NTU-ULT2017 Score Sheet

At the end of the Campaign, the data collected and feedback shall be shared and published within the NTU network for continuity awareness.
Further to that, the practical guidelines or samples will be provided for NTU’s school use and modify to suit their laboratory operation.
Events like workshop(s) will be created targeting to researchers to educate them on the sustainability efforts from technical to behavior approaches to gain their recognition and appreciation to the NTU’s management effort.

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